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SoundCorps believes that Chattanooga is most healthy, alive, and vibrant when its music community is thriving. Just take a look at our region’s history. Chattanooga’s highest historical highs are paired with a thriving music scene, which gave rise to world-renowned artists such as Bessie Smith and The Impressions. Meanwhile, Chattanooga’s lowest lows have been accompanied by a dearth in Chattanooga music during times when there was no life downtown and our best musicians, like Usher, bled off to cities where a living could be made.

SoundCorps believes that local musicians relay and retell our history in a way that no other art form can. Music has been at the heart of storytelling and memorization since the earliest days of human communication. The ability for our community to reach back in time, self-identify, and learn from the past is inextricably tied to storytelling through song.

Finally, SoundCorps believes that music business is good business. A thriving music economy generates a wide array of benefits for cities including job creation, increasing music tourism, city brand–building, cultural development, young talent acquisition and retention, and strengthening the social fabric. A vibrant music scene is an outlet for creativity and cultural identity, regardless of race, class, gender, or religious affiliation.

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