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According to guitarist and singer Adam Brock, the inspiration that led to Better Thieves’ formation was found sitting on a barstool in Chattanooga. Having spent the previous few years grinding out an unfilfilling corporate job, he says he finally got to the point where he realized that he had to change course. “Life is too short to limit oneself to a prescribed narrative, and who says that playing it safe is the best way to live anyway? I can tell you from experience, that’s a dangerous lie to believe!”

So he left his day job to form Better Thieves with the intention of creating a fresh take on a classic genre. On the surface, this is rock music. But “Better Thieves is a experiment, an adventure. We want to surprise and inspire you with songs that rock, but not by limiting them to what someone else says rock music should be. If each song is sonically unique, that’s by design."

So have a listen, and then another. These guys have something to say, and you won’t want to miss it.