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Band / Artist

Bring Back Atlas : the musical road map to any and all that feel inspired to think outside the box.

Created by Nicholas Rudder. This band is the brain child of the flower child who enjoys all walks of musical life.

"This band was the project I always wanted. One with freedom. Atlas's works are never kept to one genre so I feel free to explore any other types of music that I want. Like ya know I started with rock Psych stuff, but quickly realized I also love orchestral music and compositional writing so with this band I'm free to explore anything my heart desires." - Nicholas Rudder

Bring Back Atlas 's Members

Nicholas Rudder

  • Piano/Guitar/Bass/Drums



  • Publisher Nicholas Rudder
  • Distributor Distrokid
  • Booking Agent Nicholas Rudder
  • Manager Taylor Welch


  • Piano/Guitar/Bass/Drums (1)