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Based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, ET is a traveling Singer/Songwriter/Musician.

While a veteran of some notable bands, ET has spent a majority of his music career performing as an acoustic solo artist. Persistent traveling has made him a favorite at venues all over the South Eastern US. From his catalog of originals to his long list of cover songs, ET covers a lot of musical territory. Keep listening and you'll hear everything from foot stomping Rock n Roll to Outlaw Country, 70s-to-Present Top 40, Blues, Grunge and beyond. Combine that with an aesthetic reminiscent of classic outlaw country acts like Waylon Jennings and cross that with Alice in Chains and you have a guaranteed-to-please performance.

ET has played with :

Daniel Donato

Dallas Walker

Slim Pickins

Thelma and the Sleaze

Roger Alan Wade

Dave Dondero

Raelyn Nelson

Chelsea Lovitt

David Dondero

Lew Card

Texas Terri

The Independents

Didges Christ Superdrum

The Dead Deads


Hillbilly Casino

The Waymores

E.T.'s Members

E. T.

  • Guitar/Vocals




  • Guitar/Vocals (1)