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Hush Money got their start in early 2010 when 2 groups of musicians came together to build a project which would later be known as Fallacy. Fallacy played the bar and local scene for 4+ years, displaying cover material as well as early original material that would later be implemented into the Hush Money lineup. Once controversy and differentiation of opinions struck the direction of the band, Fallacy dismembered.

In the Spring of 2016, a few founding members of Fallacy came back together to try and rekindle what magic they had created once before, only to discover their sound and outlook had changed. This was the beginning of Hush Money. HM used the inspiration of Fallacy and their short hiatus to create what they now describe as a sub genre of rock entitled Hard Southern Rock. They draw from a multitude of artists and groups to which they attribute their new sound and what they feel makes them unique.

Hush Money's Members

Seth Weaver

  • Guitar/Vocals

Caleb Logan

  • Guitar/Vocals

Nathaniel Newberry

  • Bass

Greg Weaver

  • Drums/Vocals

Jordan Banther

  • Staff Engineer



  • Booking Agent Greg Weaver
  • Manager Jordan Banther
  • Press Contact Greg Weaver


  • Guitar/Vocals (2)
  • Bass (1)
  • Drums/Vocals (1)
  • Staff Engineer (1)