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After 15 years of playing music together, Iron Fez brings the musical heat with irreverent songs to melt the coldest hearts. A foot-stomping, trunk-rattling, whiskey-infused mix of bluegrass, rock, folk, blues and comedy, Iron Fez guarantees a loud, entertaining evening with a side of music. Bring everyone but the kids to experience the psychedelic redneck milieu only found nestled the hills of southeastern Tennessee.

"Iron Fez defies categorization while mastering musicianship and wit.


What they really are, at the core of the band, is a bunch of gifted musicians just having a hell of a good time. Everything about them is fun.


I’ve paid a lot of service to describing the band and their music as “fun” and “silly,” but here’s the thing: The silly part is only skin-deep; the cleverness goes to the bone. "

Marc Michaels

The Pulse