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Chattanooga, Tennessee based rock band Midnight Promise infuses their unconventional rock rhythms with a gritty Southern heart. The volume may rise at times, but the band doesn't stray too far from a great melody, giving their songs a polished and determined veneer. The atmosphere of each track is just as likely to contain zigzagging guitar lines as it is to embrace an acoustic introspection. Composed of singer-guitarist Davey Armstrong, bassist Chrono -Jesus and drummer Gene Ingram, the band takes a wide-angled approach to their work, incorporating a handful of genres into their pop and rock revelations. Hints of R&B, blues and Southern Rock also wind their way throughout their music, but these occasionally disparate sounds are always in service to a greater and more complex melodic release. Midnight Promise brings the experience of high quality fresh sound and exciting live performances that are sure to entertain a crowd of any age.

Midnight Promise's Members

Davey Armstrong

  • Guitar/Vocals

Chrono Jesus

  • Bass/Vocals

Gene Ingram

  • Drums/Vocals



  • Booking Agent Gene Ingram
  • Manager Gene Ingram
  • Press Contact Gene Ingram


  • Guitar/Vocals (1)
  • Bass/Vocals (1)
  • Drums/Vocals (1)