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"A funk-fueled swagger surrounds the work of Midnite Rollercoaster, an Athens, Tennessee, band whose music is thick with bass lines, psychedelic riffs and elastic alt rock swagger. There’s also a good deal of blues-inspired noise, with devastation and confession woven into each verse and chorus. Composed of singer-guitarist Tyler Miller, bassist Jesse Carmel Passmore and drummer Sam Warren, the band spikes their rousing modern rock noise with the dusty absolution of the blues and comes away with a sound that’s built from a bubbling brew of various genres." -Joshua Pickard

Midnite Rollercoaster's Members

Tyler Miller

  • Guitar/Vocals

Sam Warren

  • Drums

Jesse Carmel Passmore

  • Bass



  • Booking Agent Tyler Miller
  • Manager Tyler Miller


  • Guitar/Vocals (1)
  • Drums (1)
  • Bass (1)