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No Thank You John is the moniker of Chattanooga musician John Cotton, and it's the avenue through which he explores some unique and radiant electronic pop wavelengths. Over the last few years, he's spent time finding communal circuits and pathways linking pop and electronic music, finding and fusing an original aesthetic merging these two sounds. Taking bits and piece from dream pop, electro pop and ambient music, he creates a noise that's refreshing in its lack of artifice and overexposure. These sounds move fluidly from one rhythm to the next, linking together to create an undulating mass of wondrous electronic textures and pop ornamentation.

Cotton has released a string of EPs and singles since he first began working as No Thank You John back in 2015. Most recently, he paired up with Rachelle Barr (of Dream Jurnal) for a track called "Bottom," which found them wandering through a landscape of synth-pop wobbles and aqueous electronics. Since then, he's been working on a new 5-song EP called "Dark," which is finished and set to be released sometime later this year. -- The Southern Sounding c/o Joshua Pickard

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