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“By tackling subject matter that has been explored so often by so many, Oyer has set himself an even harder target to hit and yet manages to do so flawlessly. His songs are so well written, so honest and sincere and so beautifully executed that they are a genuine pleasure to hear, no matter how jaded you may be. Put simply, Oyer has mastered the form.”

Marc Michael - Chattanooga Pulse 2015

Ryan Oyer's Members

Ryan Thomas Oyer

  • Guitar/Vocals

Megan Howard

  • Vocals

Kelsey Stevenson

  • Violin

Stephanie Brooks

  • Viola

Matthew Shigekawa

  • Guitar

Michael McDade

  • Bass

Todd Garland

  • Drums



  • Publisher Ryan Oyer
  • Distributor Ryan Thomas Oyer
  • Booking Agent Ryan Thomas Oyer
  • Manager Ryan Oyer
  • Press Contact Ryan Oyer


  • Guitar/Vocals (1)
  • Vocals (1)
  • Violin (1)
  • Viola (1)
  • Guitar (1)
  • Bass (1)
  • Drums (1)