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Summer Dregs is Carl Cadwell producing music.

Carl started off playing organ at church and soon took to touring with jazz-fusion and old soul outfits. Though the percussion and urgency of those early groups can still be felt in his production, his love for the rhythms of modern R&B and global-pop soon took center stage. Summer Dregs started when Carl‘s drive to blend pop and experimentalism could no longer be contained in a single band. He started producing and writing songs with a myriad of Chattanooga artists under the name Summer Dregs. His penchant for reckless ecstasy, neon synths and collaboration has led him to produce for many musicians in the bubbling Chattanooga scene and beyond.

Upcoming collabs include songs with Johnny Balik, Superbody, Swayyvo, Dirty Blonde and more. Antecedents include The Distribution and Infradig.

Summer Dregs' Members

Carl Cadwell

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