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The Brothers Caged are an Alternative Rock duo who believe it would be fun to make songs revolving around their memories and inside jokes.

The Brothers Caged have always been heavily influenced by Classic Rock bands, but later on they have picked up a more Alternative Rock style.

As The Brothers Caged are a fresh band their debut EP, Nania, is available as a free download through email. The EP is to show who they are as musicians and songwriters and it will show what is to come in their album they will release sometime in 2018.

When it comes down to it, The Brothers Caged just wants to have fun. “I have always loved when artists put their life experiences and personalities into their music,” says Kaleb. Memories and life experiences is what the duo love to talk about. “What might make us stand out is that deep down, we’re still the same guys we were when we were kids,” says Jack, “Just out there having fun doing what we do and hoping others will catch on and have fun with us.”

The Brothers Caged's Members

Kaleb Cage

  • Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming

Jack Cage

  • Guitar/Bass



  • Distributor Distrokid
  • Booking Agent Kaleb Burchett
  • Manager Kaleb Burchett
  • Press Contact Kaleb Burchett


  • Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming (1)
  • Guitar/Bass (1)