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My father is a songwriter. Jim Von Stein has written over 5000 songs in his lifetime. He stills writes, but suffers from emphysema.

I play his songs now. I share the performances with him via social media. He watches from home.

I decided to create a music video for one of his songs. With Kickstarter I chose 30 songs from his catalog with ideas for each song's video. I uploaded a new song each day, for the 30 day period. Besides funding the project, I wanted backers to choose the music video selected. Here is a link...

I was able to get the needed funding to create the music video. I released it on Christmas for my father and everyone...

I would love to be able to use my father's songs as a way to raise emphysema awareness. I feel music has a way of bringing people together like no other.

My father is an amazing songwriter, but he is actually a better father. I hope you enjoy hearing his music as much as I enjoy playing it.

Thank you,




  • Acoustic Guitar/Vocals (1)