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String Theory Youth Initiative is a student-led arts leadership organization that is a subsidiary of the renowned String Theory at the Hunter concert series. The goal of the Youth Initiative is to give musical performance a meaningful role in in the community, and STYI engages in activities in arts administration and community outreach. In May 2016, STYI organized a one-week residency with cellist Richard Narroway. In March 2017, STYI will host violinist Robyn Bollinger in a residency, which will include workshops, a musical collaboration through the public library's LoLa Lab, and a presentation of Robyn's revolutionary project "Ciaccona: The Bass of Time".

String Theory Youth Initiative's Members

Allen Liu

  • President

Mary Black

  • Co-Chair

Briana Brady

  • Vice President

Darya Bajestani

  • Secretary

Sarah Anne Evans

Brandon McGrath

Brianne Tankesley

Bryony Stroud-Watson

  • Adult Coordinator

Hannah Christian

  • Adult Coordinator