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Radio / Streaming

Undaground is a 24/7 artist powered streaming application that bridges the gap between the local music scene and the community through live and ondemand shows. A super simple way for curators to reach out to music lovers using software that they already have for listening and producing music. For the music fans, this an exciting way to discover new music delivered straight from any local scene. Undaground allows the community of listeners, to share or give spotlight to lesser known artists. It gives everyone an idea as to what music the curators are listening and recording. By using Undaground, a curator can share their playlist, produce original content, or broadcast a live show from anywhere. Music fans will love the ability to follow their favorite local artists, get notified about a live show they follow, and have a platform that they can discover great local music right in their pocket.

Undaground's Members

Cole Sweeton

  • Creative Director

[email protected]

  • Content Director

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  • Assistant Director

[email protected]

  • Chief Engineer


  • Technical Director