Brent Crowe

BackBeat Sound Design

Recording Studio

Chattanooga's Best Sound for the Best Rates Around

State of the Art: State of the Art Digital Technologies for Recording, Mixing, and Mastering All Genres

Sonically Advanced: Highly Experienced and Sonically Advanced Ears to Listen and Design Your Project

Creative Space: Comfortable Atmosphere in a Studio Space Designed to Promote Creativity

Full Service Sound Design: All The Tools and Resources You Need to Develop Your Signature Sound

One Stop Shop: A Variety of Non-Audio Services to Save You Time and Money on Hiring Outside

Simple, Flat Rates: Straightforward and Easy to Understand Rates Designed with Your Budget in Mind

Any Artist, Any Experience: Ready to Advance the Career of Every Artist, Rookie or Veteran, Any Genre

At BackBeat Sound Design we PROMISE to give you exceptional rates AND superior quality recording. You might find less expensive studios, but they won't match our professional sound quality. You may find studios with fancier equipment and more toys, but they won't beat our rates.

BackBeat provides a quality vs. price value that you just can't find in the recording studio business.

We work hard for our customers, and our customers never leave disappointed!