Cole Sitzlar

I am a young aspiring country artist from a small town in East Tennessee. Being from the south my Papaw taught me many life lessons about hard work, dedication, respect, and to never forget God. However, music came very natural. I taught myself how to play guitar and write songs and I can't hide my redneck side about God, guns, and America in my songwriting.

At the age of 16 I was bit by the music bug and started playing local venues and anywhere else I could get on stage. Through hard work and dedication I managed to earn the privilege of being the opener for Confederate Railroad at Lake Winnie in 2013, where I got the chance to get on stage and sing simple man with the band. I also opened for Ronnie McDowell at the Colonnade and SundyBest at Rhythm and Brews.

I seek to be a timeless artist whose music feels real, stands the test of time, and connects with everyday people. My music is both unique and traditional and will stand the test of time. I intend to stay true to myself and stay hungry for my dream.