I'm am an old-school old soul, and dont live quite like most that have fallen into shoes such as mine. To be honest, I've walked in more pairs of shoes than most generations together. The ups and downs of life have had their ways of carving out a sound from which I drive my music, a sound that stands out to every ear. The songs that have come along through this journey are ones that always get the questions, "Who sings that?" and "Where can I find that song?". Being a normality for me, it's difficult to tell them where to get these songs without an album. HOWEVER, my record is in the works, and with songs like 'No Woman' and 'Bottle Down', it is SURE to rival most music on today's charts, with a glimps and what Sturgil and Stapleton have been bringing forth for many years, a true Country Music Revolution.

A revival of the old, and a touch of taste to the new. This music is guaranteed to grab you by the shirt collar and scream,

"Are you ready?!"