Grant Brewer

I'm a local musician and composer looking to collaborate on music with anyone interested. I have a deep love of the blues and slide guitar but just love music in general. I'm willing to play with just about anyone.

I use an Ableton Live 10 setup and love how it has changed the way I write music. I've learned Ableton pretty well so if you have questions about it I'm sure I could help you.

I'm wanting to open a new venue in Chattanooga by musicians, for musicians. An inviting place that all musicians in the area will want to hang out at to promote collaboration. We need a place we can go to be around others like us. If you like to play sports you have places to go to do that. If you like racing cars we have race tracks you can go to. If you like building things we have maker spaces available. We need a place for musicians to do their thing as a group. A place where creativity can be emphasized and encouraged.