Jade Alger

Jade Alger creates a mood with poetic lyricism, guitar and cello textures. Placing high importance on the listener's own interpretation, his songs have a certain mystery.

His 2018 release, Kinora, expands into lusher instrumentation. The album incorporates cello into a mixture of classical guitar and folk melodies. Two of the tracks, “The Gyrfalcon” and “The Picturedrome”, shift the focal point away from lyrics, towards neo-classical composition.

Jade’s latest work, Wind Under the Door, is a five-song collection inspired by his travels in the Americas. In the title track, cello carries the rhythm as drums and classical guitar weave in and out, summoning us on an adventure. “Buffalo Harvest” takes us along the Cheyenne River of South Dakota as “She’s a Rocket” mentions Catalina Foothills, Arizona in its playful lyricism. By incorporating field recordings, drum taps on his desk, and a patchwork of melody, Jade delights us with a musical sketchbook.