Jody Harris

From the mountains of northwest Georgia, comes a native Son blessed with infinite creativity. Jody Harris is an award winning, multi-faceted individual who started doing music in 1987. He accepted the challenge of mastering the four elements of hip hop culture after attending the fresh fest in the summer of 1987. Graffiti, Break dancing, deejaying and rapping are all essentials this artist used to express himself during the 90's. The easy switch to becoming a spoken word artist occurred in 1999 when Jody entered his first poetry slam at the world renown Moorepics in Atlanta. Gil Scott-Heron is his biggest influence. Jody has released multiple genre albums from 1998's "The Art of Dart Throwing" to 2020's "Speaking Auraglyphics".

Adding to his limitless potential is a successful career as a visual artist with degrees from Georgia State University. Jody currently resides in Chattanooga after living in Atlanta since 1994. He is the co-owner of The Keeody Gallery in downtown Chattanooga.