Josh Chuma

Chief Engineer at Breaker 17 Studio. A professional and accomplished Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, and Producer.

An MTSU graduate with a B.S. in Recording Industry and the knowledge to take your project to the next level, Josh has years of experience recording and mixing commercial releases. His work has been heard around the world, but he would rather you listen to his work rather than look at his reputation. At Breaker 17 Studio, we believe there are many good engineers, but they are not all fit for mixing and mastering. This is where Josh excels. Bring your previously recorded tracks to Josh and let him return to you an album mix quality that would cost $25,000 from an in demand engineer. The icing on the cake is his work as a record producer, coaching bands and artists to a better, more emotional performance. Give your tracks the attention they deserve.