Karla Felecia Scaife

Karla is a storyteller. She locates collective human experience within the mundane personal. She gives voice to feeling. She embodies the weariness of the blues, the vibrancy of jazz, and the edge of hip hop.

The daughter of a Baptist preacher and a minister of music, playing with Barbies in between naps at choir rehearsal was the foundation of her development. Her adolescent years were marked by her father’s last minute requests for her to render sermonic selections at second services. Her late teens and early twenties were split between directing the choir and learning BGV’s for secular gigs.

Her work is informed by those beginnings, but also by books written by Black women, higher education, trauma, a commitment to healing, and her unrelenting desire to experience enfleshed divinity.

A poet, singer, budding musician and producer, Karla’s creativity knows no boundaries. Limitations are illusions, and Karla is here to convince you that whatever you conceive of can be manifested into reality.