Leah Martin

With a heartfelt passion for love and life, Leah Martin explores her creative energies and inspirations in her music. As she fluidly moves between soulful openness and euphoric brightness in her songs, Leah draws on a variety of traditions, including contemporary pop, rock and folk.

Born into the theatre, Leah embraced her destiny to perform at an early age, first appearing onstage as a child at two years old. Theatre continued to play a powerful role in her life, alongside ballet, music and a love of animals as she went on first to college and then to New York City and away to India on journeys of discovery and light.

Music remained a grounding force in her life as her travels guided her inwards to a deeper sense of the interconnectedness of all. The realization of One Source Consciousness had a profound effect on Leah’s personal and creative development, as she found the greater reality within herself that we are all one, simply unique divine expressions of the same light. Her inner purpose became revealed and Leah dedicated herself to being a lamp for the light to come through.