Nicholas Edward Williams

Hey Folks! After almost 6 years of living on the road, I'm officially a new resident of Chattanooga as of October 2018. I'm so pleased to enter a community with this kind of resource available, and I'm really looking forward to getting involved here!

In 2007, I started an independent folk music project under the moniker “Whetherman”, which concluded in October of this year. Going forward, I'll be performing under my given name Nicholas Edward Williams, reviving old traditional folk and blues songs with my own adaptations, while weaving in tales and lyrical compositions that I've written. My debut album under this new name, "As I Go Rambling Around", released in June of 2019. 

I've got a wealth of experience throughout the music industry, particularly in:

DIY Artist Living and Management, Booking, Touring, Crowdfunding, Songwriting, Recording, Merchandising, Social Media Management, Website Building, and Old Time Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking.