Rodney Stroup

Rodney Stroup is more than a singer, songwriter and musician he is an entertainer. Stroup’s ability to engage the audience with his clever use of lyric and comedic timing is his strong suit.

Rodney’s entertainment history goes back to his youth in Los Angeles. Inspired by music and a family of entertainers.

Stroup has been on stage since he was thirteen years old. Today Stroup is a seasoned veteran of the music and theatre industry and has developed a unique persona influenced by many groups, songwriters actors and comedians.

With a Lifetime of experience He was in good position to be involved In the entertainment industry in California.

Stroup has provided music and entertainment for major corporations, casinos, cruises, theme parks, private and public events, radio, television and too many clubs, bars and private events to even remember.

Stroup has also written a number of commercial jingles, and soundtrack for movie productions.

Besides many well known standards, Stroup works in bits and gags and props.

With his experience as master of ceremonies at California comedy clubs, the inevitable creation of humor based songs have worked their way into his act.

By Steinberg Promotions