Sherry Cothran

Sherry Cothran, former founder and lead singer of Mercury Records, NY indie rock band, The Evinrudes, now

releases “Kiss the Ground.” Cothran’s 7th release, her 3rd as a solo artist. Cothran left the Evinrudes, a move that dismantled the band whose number one single, “Drive Me Home” landed them a major label deal out of Nashville, to pursue a spiritual path. She attended Vanderbilt Divinity, became ordained as a United Methodist pastor and began working with homeless, refugees and immigrants as the senior pastor of an urban church in Nashville. After nearly a decade, Cothran returned to music. Her new music video highlights her life changing experiences of being "healed by those we reject." Cothran worked with award winning film maker, Tracy Facelli, the video breaks down stereotypes and puts a sacred face on homelessness.

Cothran has toured and performed at events, festivals and concerts with Goo Goo Dolls, Bare Naked Ladies, Cowboy Mouth, Spin Doctors, Collin Haye (of Men at Work), Fastball, K’s Choice, Emmy Lou Harris, and others.. She has acted in film, her songs have been featured on t.v. shows such as “Men in Trees,” and “Medical Examiner.”