Todd Miller

I enjoy writing songs. Singing and playing guitar and ukelele. Sometimes songs come naturally. Other songs take patience. Searching for a special chord or melody that can sparkle an ear. It can take years. Then one day a chord, melody, or rhythm will happen that will spin the song and make it connect. It may be a wrong chord by mistake. Or it can be singing out of pitch or getting lost playing rhythm. That's one aspect about song writing I appreciate and enjoy.

I started busking with Chattanooga SoundCorps in 2018. It's been an exciting and sometimes humbling experience. I like playing my songs for people on the bridge, MLK boulevard, Main street or the Choo Choo. Conversing with people in the community is exciting . I also enjoy meeting with other buskers.

I met Annie Lindstrom through busking. She was singing and playing tenor ukelele on Walnut street bridge. We later played music together and we are now a duo called Analog Savvy. Check us out at and We look forward to busking more and performing at local venues. Music. Connect.