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SoundCorps Spotlight: Joshua Green

January 9, 2017
Joshua Green is a Chattanooga local who fondly remembers riding in the back seat jamming to Springsteen’s Born in the USA with…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Stratton Tingle

December 15, 2016
Stratton Tingle is a name known far, wide, and deep in the heartbeat of Chattanooga across many different circles. Ask any number of people…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Anthony Quails

December 9, 2016
Anthony Quails is a homegrown artist who got a start in music early by singing and playing guitar to the tunes of Dave Matthews, and then…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Randy Steele

December 1, 2016
Randy Steele was born a musician. His mother was a member of a Pentecostal family band that traveled across the country and sang at tent…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Nick Lutsko

November 17, 2016
Nick Lutsko is a Chattanooga local whose quirky puppets and elaborate musical compositions almost don’t match up with the down to…

SoundCorps Spotlight: James Striker

November 4, 2016
When James Striker moved to Chattanooga in 1989, he began to make waves in the local music scene by opening The Bay. In an effort to bring…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Kindora Camp

October 20, 2016
When you first interact with Kindora, you meet a bubbly and transparent girl whose edgy beauty is disarming enough without finding out that…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Barrett Taylor

October 11, 2016
Barrett Taylor is a native Chattanoogan who left town to gain experience, then returned home to make waves in Chattanooga’s music and…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Mary Howard Ade

October 4, 2016
Mary Howard Ade is an integral part of the Chattanooga community as she works through the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Kessler Cuffman and Dynamo Studios

September 23, 2016
From the get–go, Kessler Cuffman exudes an air of passion and motivation. Kessler teaches world history at the Chattanooga High…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Dakari Kelly

September 12, 2016
Dakari Kelly is a local Chattanooga musician whose life is defined by music. He began his journey in Barger Academy and continued on to the…

SoundCorps Spotlight on TakeNote: Playing Music and Paying Bills

September 1, 2016
The most recent TakeNote event took place at the Camp House on Monday night featuring a variety of music professionals from across the…