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SoundBites is a monthly newsletter delivering five new locally-produced songs to subscribers for just $5 per month.

Not only do subscribers support local recording artists every month, but they also receive the pleasure of supporting all SoundCorps programs, including weekly musical performances at Erlanger Children's Hospital through SongScripts, over 700 Chattanooga street performances annually through Sidewalk Stages, quarterly music-industry professional development events through TakeNote, all of our Craft Masters music industry intensive courses, the free lunchtime music concert series Noontunes, and much more! Click here to subscribe

Artists can submit their best work (up to five songs per year) for SoundBites licensing consideration. If your song is chosen, you are paid a licensing fee that allows SoundBites subscribers to download your track for personal use.

Stop paying to play  – you deserve to be paid for your work. Submit your best work to SoundCorps SoundBites today.