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SoundCorps is dedicated to growing the music economy in the Chattanooga region. We devote our energies to building local music industry infrastructure and professional expertise through ongoing programs, events and initiatives. These efforts translate into increased opportunities to experience Chattanooga music. SoundCorps is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2015.

Our vision is to re-establish Chattanooga as a music mecca with a healthily growing cultural economy. Success for us means Chattanooga has more music venues, sound recording studios, record labels, record stores, retail outlets, music industry professional services firms and more.

We help our music industry…

  • Learn growth strategies from established music industry professionals
  • Access business development resources to work smarter
  • Connect with potential collaborators in the local music industry
  • Elevate their voices on issues that affect their businesses

We help Chattanooga music enthusiasts…

  • Navigate our vibrant music community via our online directory
  • Embrace Chattanooga’s music history and build our legacy today
  • Interface with Chattanooga’s music community more frequently
Click here to read more about the core beliefs, principles, and values that drive our work.
Click here to read our public statement on cultural equity and nondiscrimination.

SoundCorps is made possible in part due to the TN Specialty License Plate Program.
This project is supported in part by federal award number SLFRP5534 awarded to the State of Tennessee by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Who We Are

Executive Director, Jonathan Susman

Jonathan Susman is a dynamic leader and passionate advocate for the arts, taking over as Executive Director of SoundCorps in June, 2024. SoundCorps has become a cornerstone of the local music community, offering essential resources, educational programs, and opportunities for musicians to develop their careers. 

Jonathan's journey in the music world began as a musician himself. His extensive background spans various genres, and he has performed with numerous bands and artists, both locally and internationally. This firsthand experience as a performer gives him unique insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by musicians, allowing him to lead SoundCorps with empathy and a deep understanding of the industry.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has spearheaded several key initiatives aimed at nurturing the local music ecosystem. These include professional development workshops, networking events, and advocacy efforts to secure funding and support for musicians and music-related businesses. His vision for a thriving, sustainable music scene in Chattanooga has also led to the creation of public music events and festivals that celebrate the city's rich musical heritage and diverse talent.

Beyond his role at SoundCorps, Jonathan is actively involved in various community and cultural organizations. He is a vocal proponent of the arts as a vital component of economic development and community well-being. His dedication to fostering a vibrant cultural landscape extends to his participation in advisory boards and committees, where he collaborates with other leaders to advance the arts in the region.

Jonathan Susman's multifaceted career as both a musician and a community leader exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the arts. His efforts continue to inspire and empower the next generation of musicians, ensuring that Chattanooga remains a vibrant hub for musical creativity and expression.

SoundCorps is governed by a board of directors comprising:

  • Sammy Lowdermilk, Tech Goes Home (Chair)
  • Reed Bobo, Southern Payroll and Bookkeeping (Treasurer)
  • Xavier Cotto, TVA and Xceed Events
  • Carla Pritchard, Chattanooga Presents!
  • Liz Morin, Showbiz Ro Music
  • Kevin Love, The Enterprise Center
  • Rick Bowers, Bowers Automotive Group
  • Kristy Graves, Stroll Magazine (Secretary)
  • Dr. Chandra Ward, University of TN at Chattanooga
  • Mike Sonnenburg, Finance
Board Emeritus (past board members)
  • Daniel Barber, Rise Partners
  • Scott Bruce, Trident Transport
  • Tish Calitz, AirNet
  • Tia Capps, Independent Writer and Media Consultant
  • Jamaal Hicks, Artist, Agent, Promoter
  • Jesse Hutchison, Vayner Media
  • Shane Morrow, R.I.S.E. Chattanooga
  • Steve O'Neil, The O'Neil Team
  • Corey Petree, Jolly Walrus Productions
  • Darian Scott, The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Joe Wilferth, University of TN at Chattanooga
  • Mark Hackett, Evans, Harrison, & Hackett PLLC (Past Chair)
  • Monica Kinsey, Caravan Trive (Past Chair)
  • Lew Card, artist
  • Donna Harrison, Chattanooga Tourism Co.
  • Kinnawa Kaitibi, KQ Communications

What We Offer

TakeNote to Build Your Music Business

Gain insight from nationally-renowned experts and connect with potential collaborators in the local music industry at TakeNote. These quarterly workshops feature panel discussions with established music industry experts from across the nation. Topics will cover how to grow an audience through PR and marketing, booking, management, recording and more. For more details, check out the SoundCorps calendar.

SoundCorps Directory
Discover Chattanooga’s Music Scene

Connect to music industry providers and creative collaborators or simply browse our online local music industry directory to gain insight on the variety of skills and projects your local music industry professionals work on. We hope that the SoundCorps Directory will help every user to more easily access local music industry providers while boosting business for each profile owner. A number of event promoters are using the SoundCorps directory to pick talent for artist showcases. You'll need to have a SoundCorps artist profile to apply to perform at many local events like Road to Nightfall and Noontunes.

Craft Masters
Turn your music industry dream into a reality

SoundCorps has developed an eight-week music business intensive course called Craft Masters. Participants take their music industry project from dream to reality. Willie Kitchens, lead singer of seminal Chattanooga act the Impressions, facilitated the first two courses in 2016. Interested in being a member of upcoming Craft Masters courses? Click here to register. Registering will ensure you receive notification of session details as they are available.

Sidewalk Stages
Activating Chattanooga's streets with live, local performances

SoundCorps has worked with the City of Chattanooga, the Chattanooga Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the Folk School of Chattanooga and a number of other community partners to develop a program to activate our streets with street performers, sometimes known as buskers. We incentivize 25–35 performers to activate Chattanooga spaces every weekend.

New Chattanooga Music Delivered to Your Inbox

SoundBites is a monthly newsletter delivering five new locally-produced songs to subscribers for just $5 per month. The subscription goes to support the local artists creating the work as well as all other SoundCorps programs and activities.

Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM)
Banjo, fiddle, and guitar for Hamilton County students in grades 4 -8

SoundCorps is the Chattanooga JAM affiliate, introducing young people to the joy of performing on traditional music instruments by offering low cost lessons in fiddle, banjo, guitar, and other instruments of the Appalachian region to small groups of students in after-school settings.

Increase access to the training and technology in professional-grade live streaming. 

Assisting music industry professionals with career development and online strategy. Through Bandwidth, we help local music industry professionals get their hands on professional-grade live streaming gear to better connect with online audiences. The dual health and economic threat of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it clear that live streaming is an important component of any modern musician's business plan. 

Road to Nightfall
A band-building competition and performance pipeline for Chattanooga artists leading to the big stage at Nightfall.

The Road to Nightfall competition, launched by Gig City Productions in 2010, has been crucial in developing a local talent pool of musicians and bands who are ready to take the stage at some of our city’s larger events like the Nightfall concert series. The Road to Nightfall band competition is a collaboration between Chattanooga Presents! and SoundCorps.

Health and Wellness Resources
Not sure where to turn for affordable healthcare resources in Chattanooga? Check out the list of providers linked to on our health and wellness directory.

Counsel for Creatives
Are you a Chattanooga creative who wants to talk to a licensed therapist about grief, depression, anxiety, anger, or substance abuse? SoundCorps can connect you with helpful resources.

Chattanooga Musicians' Relief Fund (latest round completed Aug. 2021)
Financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic

Music Therapy Gateway in Communications (MTGIC) and SoundCorps are pleased to announce that The UNFoundation of Chattanooga has granted funds for distribution to Chattanooga area musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19 Emergency Resources for Local Music Industry Professionals
We created a short list of resources for musicians and music industry professionals to access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SongScripts (on pause since March 2020)
Weekly musical performances at Erlanger Children's Hospital

SoundCorps partnered with Erlanger Children’s Hospital to launch SongScripts, a program designed to lift the spirits of young patients, their families, and caretakers through weekly musical performances.

You can support the arts with an arts plate. By purchasing an Arts Plate, you support arts organizations like SoundCorps across Tennessee.

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