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What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a program created by SoundCorps to increase access to the training and technology involved in professional grade live streaming. Participants in the program will be introduced to the tools and techniques used to create professional quality live performance online. The purpose of the program includes but is not limited to: 

  1. Stimulating financial activity in the music sector by assisting music industry professionals with career development and online strategy.

  2. Encouraging Chattanoogans to more frequently engage with local music online.

  3. Increase opportunity for local artists to make connections to new fans online.

  4. Increase opportunity for local artists to earn income through tips/merch sales and grow their business.

  5. Help live performers to adjust to a post-pandemic performance reality.

Are you a band or group interested in leveling up your live stream? CLICK HERE to register. 

Why did SoundCorps create Bandwidth?

For over six years, SoundCorps has devoted our energies to work that strengthens, connects, and advances the local music community through educational programming and professional development. Now, the dual health and economic threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought vital sectors of the music economy to a stand still, cancelling all live performance and disproportionately affecting those communities without the technology or digital acumen needed to tackle business-related challenges online.

Immediately, our community responded to COVID-19 with bold and concrete solutions, taking action to ensure professional musicians and music workers continue to get the professional support and services they need to weather the crisis. With the closure of music venues and the cancellation of every public-facing special event, we’ve had to reorganize our staff to move the educational programs and live performances we sponsor to online formats and provide direct financial assistance to the core constituents who are suffering to make ends meet.

Internally, the organization shifted focus dramatically. We were awarded a TN Community CARES grant that provided SoundCorps the opportunity to create new programs aiming to mobilize support and raise awareness of the professional skills and tools necessary to build a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable music economy that is more resilient in the face of future global catastrophe. SoundCorps was able to continue to invest in the program through support from the TN Arts Commission through a resiliency grant, as well as other public and private donors. This support could not happen without the Tennessee Specialty License Plates program, which supports the arts. Buy your Tennessee Specialty plate today!

For all Bandwidth program inquiries, email [email protected]