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I'm also an A&R for a Grammy winning artist development & publishing company which is apart from personal music projects here. Ranked a top 10 GLOBAL Americana artist 2014 on ReverbNation.

My songs that stream free on my ReverbNation are raw and unpolished. Much of today's recorded music has become like a Photoshopped model on a magazine cover. If you're looking for flawlessly engineered music with pitch correction, perfect tempos, and cookie cutter songs from a Nashville song mill then you've landed on the wrong site. What I hope you will find here is a unique freelance style music/lyrics with depth. Each original song is based my true life events and experiences of some sort. When possible I recorded most of these live using one track and mic for vocals, guitar, harmonica, and without a click track as my mom did in the 1940's.

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Billy Hubbard

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