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Blind Tigers is built around the lyrics of guitarist Michael Aurand and bassist Rory T. Miller, who formed the group in 2014 with an intent to build worlds around their songs. Their longtime friendship led to the band's formation when the duo discovered Mike's hard-nosed, lo-fi rock influence blends well with Rory's folk-inspired wit to create a sound all their own: full of urgency, atmosphere, and grit.

Jansen van der Spuy joined the group as their drummer in 2016, rounding out the three-piece group as they continue to perform throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Since Jansen's arrival, the group has become more focused than ever on tackling the tedium and turmoil of modern living in their music, from the realities of gentrification to the horrors that lurk in one's own subconscious.

The group's music is best enjoyed while yelling at other drivers in traffic, or downing your third Old Fashioned alone in your basement.

Blind Tigers' Members

Rory T. Miller

  • Bass/Vocals

Michael Aurand

  • Guitar/Vocals

Jansen van der Spuy

  • Drums



  • Publisher None
  • Distributor None
  • Booking Agent Rory T. Miller
  • Manager None
  • Press Contact Rory T. Miller


  • Bass/Vocals (1)
  • Guitar/Vocals (1)
  • Drums (1)