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C-Grimey is a Tennessee based lyricist who combines innovative beats and melodies with forceful, heartfelt lyrics to a signature sound. He's been writing rhymes since the age of 12 and performing since he was 16. This makes C-Grimey a young but experienced artist. Inspired by everyday life, history and cultural struggle, C-Grimey's lyrical content is often un-predictable, but always satisfactory. Coming from he experiences as a trapivist (Trapper and Activist) his music deals with everything from street tales to political issues. His lyrics will have you thinking as you bob your head, (even if it's subconsciously).

C-Grimey is the Co-Founder and C.E.O. of Goldfinger Production$, administrative member of Hip-Hop Cha, graduate of Arts Build's Holemberg Arts Leadership Institute and SoundCorps Craft Masters.

C-Grimey was recently sponsored by Fully Baked and OBVI clothing companies to help promote culture through fashion. All these things make C-Grimey a well trained and willing artist.

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  • Record Label Goldfinger Production$
  • Booking Agent C-Grimey
  • Manager C-Grimey


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