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Band / Artist

Lumbar Five is a roots rock band based in Chattanooga, TN. They play honest, original music written by Kathy Veazey and John Rawlston and featuring Nick Honerkamp on bass, Jo Whittaker on drums and Kofi Mawuko on percussion. They love their hometown, especially in July. The band was formed in 2001, and has released two albums, "Ask Your Doctor If Its Right For You" (2004) and "Second Opinion" (2010).

Lumbar Five's Members

John Rawlston

  • Guitar/Vocals


  • Guitar/Piano/Lead Vocals

Nick Honerkamp

  • Bass/Vocals

Jo Whitaker

  • Drums

Kofi Mawuko

  • Hand drums, percussion, vocals



  • Publisher Ollinator Music and Orial Lage Music
  • Booking Agent John Rawlston
  • Manager John Rawlston
  • Press Contact John Rawlston


  • Guitar/Vocals (1)
  • Guitar/Piano/Lead Vocals (1)
  • Bass/Vocals (1)
  • Drums (1)
  • Hand drums, percussion, vocals (1)