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"On their new record, "Hope: Everlasting," they indulge in their cross-genre experimentation and come away with something that explores the relationship between these sounds without tearing apart the mystery that still hangs over these associative musical catalysts. Keema's fierce and fragile voice deftly skips around the grounded lyricism of Le'Darius while the pop-hybrid production choices highlight the rafter-raising euphoria that twists itself through every track. Whether it's an overtly electronic framework or simply the sounds of an acoustic guitar, the duo makes the most of their influences. This is a record of infinite possibilities that confounds our expectations, even as it plays to our need for resolution and release."


Somebody Loves Somebody's Members

Blair, The W!tch

  • Vocals

Dayze W.

  • Vocals



  • Record Label New Money Misfits / Indie


  • Vocals (2)