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In the beginning, there was the void. Then, God separated the waters that were above from the waters that were below, creating Symatree. Symatree strives to bring beauty and balance to the world with soul nourishing sounds and rhythms. Using the perfect blend of rock, funk, live electronics and a sprinkle of psychedelic improvisation, Symatree takes us on a journey through space and time. Weaving together different styles of music and intricate rhythms, we match the energy of the crowd and together we create a once in a lifetime experience. Try not to get lost in the jam, or get lost; it is up to you.

Symatree's Members

Joshua Davis

  • keys

Kris Battle

  • Drums

Cooper Grey

  • Bass

Colt McClung

  • Guitar



  • keys (1)
  • Drums (1)
  • Bass (1)
  • Guitar (1)