Chelsie Nicole studied Music and has been classically trained in Albany, Georgia at Darton State College. Chelsie sang her first solo at 7 years old and has been singing ever since. Being president and section leader of Show Choir, she got an opportunity to sing for the high school Jazz Band. Soon after this, the Director of Darton's Jazz Band saw her video and called her to offer her a scholarship to sing for his band. Chelsie has won competitions; such as, Darton Star and WXTX X Factor. After winning Darton Star, she was able to open up for American Idol contestant Bo Bice before she passed her title down. The X factor competition landed her the opportunity to be flown to Rhode Island where she advanced in two rounds. She also advanced in two rounds of The Voice. When she returned from these experiences, she began teaching Voice Lessons and encourages all to get involved with progression of their talent. She has also worked with Phillip Phillip's hometown band as she became the lead singer after Phillip won American Idol. Chelsie Nicole has now released her first independent single, "Nobody Told Me" as well as an additional, "True Bliss".