D.L. Yancey II

D.L. Yancey II is a former professional athlete, current engineer and singer/songwriter from Hampton Roads, VA. After a short stint in professional football, he decided to re-ignite a generational inherited music passion and recorded a hip hop/neo soul mixtape. During this time he worked and recorded with grammy award winning record producer Lex Lucazi on several tracks. Although, the mixtape recieved good reviews, D.L. taught himself to play the acoustic guitar and began to compose original music. Since then he has made live appearances on WRCB's "3 Plus You" tv segment, WUTC NPR radio broadcast and several performance venues. He's a member of the Southern Collective Experience where he functions as a writer for the Blue Mountain Review Magazine and songwriter for Dante's Old South radio show. He has also opened for performers such as Neshawn Calloway, D'Maestro, Eva Kennedy and Waterloo Revival. For D.L. , "music is a ministry" and his music is cultivation for the minds of all ages. D.L. is currently working on his debut EP which he classifies as "jazzy soul". He has recently released his first single "Mr. Soul" and is available on iTunes.