The Barefoot Society Traveling Roadshow & Circus

Funky Folk Singer-Songwriter

Folk has always been intense - but t's almost never been this funky and fun on top of the intensity.

David Dewhirst is that rare breed of singer-songwriter that can be not only breathy and intense but also loudly, foot-tappingly fun as the song demands. He's garnered comparisons to Dylan, Bowie, Lennon, and John Mayer, but none of those fit exactly -- and it's perhaps a tribute to his writing and his performance that someone watching might leave with any or all of those impressions, with songs that range from the mostly-mellow ("Savannah Dreams of Bones," with its Dylan-esque word-poetry pictures) to the upbeat and uplifting (the happily head-bobbing "Shine") to the outright funky and fun ("Gillespie's Favorite Monkey.") You will perhaps go through some dark places with funhouse mirrors in a Dewhirst performance, but always with the knowledge that everything's going to be all right in the end... and you'll have a great time doing it.