Joel Clyde

Joel Clyde has been a professional musician for over 3 decades, and has been a side-man, and/or opened for many well-known national acts. He performs oldies, country, big band, ethnic music, and more, playing several instruments, including acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, keyboard, and more...

In addition Joel Clyde plays to the crowd, and has an almost supernatural ability to feel what an audience wants to hear at any given time. He does requests, and with a repertoire of over 4000 songs spanning 5+ decades, he seldom gets stumped.

Joel Clyde is also an accomplished songwriter, with a unique style and ability to craft thoughtful, haunting, and at times, tongue-in-cheeek lyrics and melodies. He has a sometimes soulful, sometimes sarcastic, and often, deliciously irreverent take on life and its many complexities.