Katrina Barclay

Katrina Barclay is known by her ability to captivate an audience and invite them to face whatever emotion she evokes in them. Josh Pickard of nooga.com writes, "...it's the absolute sense of earnestness and plainspoken emotion that comes through, giving each song a ragged but sympathetic appearance."

She cut her teeth on gospel, classic rock, and pop music growing up in northeast Alabama. She is no stranger to the stage, performing with her family for the majority of her childhood before she began writing songs and endeavoring to teach herself guitar in 2007. With riffs influenced heavily by indie and blues, her style of playing is straightforward with a healthy dose of embellishment that comes from her history with bluegrass and folk. A highlight of her career, Katrina had the opportunity to open for Austin, TX duo Penny & Sparrow in 2012 at the popular listening room The Camp House, where she has also won several Songwriter Shootouts. She's a board member of the Chattanooga Songwriter's Association and has a passion for collaborating and authentic performance.