Mother Legacy

2019 Bacon FESTIVAL Cleveland Tn

2019 4 Bridges Arts Festival Chattanooga

2019 CMA FESTIVAL Nashville

Riverbend 2018

Franklin County Fair 2018 -Layla Spring American Idol

channel 12 Chattanooga

30+ fundraisers & benefits

over 500+shows since June 2017

Don’t let the 2pc fool you. Vocals unlike any heard, harmony to bring tears and make goose bumps crawl. Full sound rhythm, rocking guitar playing & finger picking to have you scratching your head. Nobody can fathom how they can create such energy and sound with a tiny simple package. Big-small, private-public, loud-quiet, dance-dinner shows, they are diverse enough to cover all of them.

Shay Collins IS Mother Legacy. A Hollywood California Janis Joplin/Stevie Nicks sound - niece/protege to Ray Collins, founding Member of The Mothers of Invention 60/70's band with Frank Zappa. With extensive experience in every aspect of the industry bringing her talents to this very moment and time. Together they have created quite an inspiring, exciting, performance lighting up stages everywhere.

Steven Seidler- "JUST STEVE" has a lifetime variety of experience. A smooth croonin cowboy from Dallas Texas who has performed all over the US with many big lable known artists delivering powerful gosple & country. Stevens been scouting managing writing and singing his way across the nation.