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Thank you for amplifying Chattanooga music.

Because of contributions like yours, we are able to advance our vision of re-establishing Chattanooga as a music mecca.

Since our organization began, our mission has been to build Chattanooga's music economy. Over the years we have employed hundreds of music industry professionals through Sidewalk Stages, helped launch dozens of new local music industry businesses through Craft Masters, and partnered on events like the City of Chattanooga's inaugral New Year's Eve Party, Summerween, Road to Nightfall, and many more! All this work is to boost our local music scene, heighten audience awareness, and ensure that Chattanooga is a city that attracts and retains the brightest talent. 

Programs like these and the ones we’re currently working to expand are only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you.

If you are able, we hope you consider donating to SoundCorps with either a one-time or recurring payment in the below form.