If you take time to roam the awe-inspiring halls of the Songbirds Guitar Museum, you will see history unfold across genres like blues, jazz, rock, country, and more. Many of these guitars were played by famous musicians, but their high quality American-made craftsmanship and beauty are also pivotal to why the music played on them became as popular as they did. Over 300 of guitars on display were custom-colored or designed by popular companies like Fender, Gibson and Martin. Owning a custom-made guitar may seem attainable only when you’ve hit the big times, but as you become more serious about your career it is worth looking into. Investing in a high quality guitar tailored to your playing style and needs can be a worthy investment for the long term.


So we come to the question: why should you invest in a custom-made guitar? You could walk around your favorite guitar shop and pick up a standard issue guitar hanging off the wall, but what if your hand doesn’t fit comfortably around the neck? What if you like the build but don’t like the type of wood? What if you want a warmer tone that can only come from customizing the bridge height? Only someone who works with guitars one-on-one could understand how to build an instrument to suit a customer’s aesthetic and tonal needs. Visit a highly skilled luthier and splurge on the guitar with the opal inlay on the neck inspired by “Landslide,” if that is what you want. The only thing hindering the creation of this instrument is your imagination.



Before the Industrial Revolution, instruments were created by artisans who spent their lives understanding how to make the wood sing under a musician’s fingers. With the introduction of the assembly line, guitars were built in higher quantities with cheap labor and cheap materials, which resulted in cheaper prices. Buying a custom guitars can support small business owners and local economies. A local guitar manufacturer out of Rossville, GA called Warrior Instruments, is one such company that works with professional musicians to produce instruments to assist in the formation of their art.


Jonathan Law, owner of Feline Guitars in Croydon, UK, creates custom guitars across the ocean. He finds that buying guitars from smaller manufacturers can often either save you money in the long run or increase the value of the instrument over time. By starting the construction process with beautiful and reliable materials, the guitar can be built to the unique personality and style of the musician buying it. Musicians are less likely to sell instruments that are catered to them because they like the sound and feel as they play. It is worth noting, however, that corporations like Martin and Fender offer customization options that marry the name brand with the instrument catered to your needs. There are many options available at your fingertips ranging from affordable brand name guitars to custom–made guitars. However, if you want an instrument to grow with you and your sound as you progress through your music career it is a good idea to look into creating a guitar that will join you on the journey.


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