This next Take Note event features several industry professionals from the Southeast who will discuss recording techniques and the state of the recording industry at TakeNote Volume 3: Recording next week. TakeNote events are not only designed to offer music industry thought leadership, however. They’re meant to offer an opportunity for local music industry professionals to network and make connections.

That’s why SoundCorps has invited representatives of local recording studios to exhibit at the event. Hopefully, by having a presence, these local companies will have a chance to grow their network by connecting with musicians and other local music industry providers.

A few of the studios that will be in attendance next Monday include:

Breaker 17

Representative at Take Note event: Josh Chuma will be representing Breaker 17 Studio

Genre: “The largest volume of our business is country but I feel we are great at working on every genre from Country, to Rock, Blues, Rap and everything in between. We have had a great deal of success with several country artists like Adam Mullins and Mary Fletcher, both of whom had songs we mixed and mastered that ended of on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Mary's 'I Called Him Dad' is currently #63 while while 'All My Favorite Memories' by Adam Mullins reached #34 a few years ago. We have even mixed and mastered a project brought to us by Jimmy Tawater and had the pleasure of recording a couple of the tunes on that record as well. We are not a one trick pony.”

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to provide the Chattanooga area with the exact same studio experience and quality you receive in Nashville. That means mixes that sound like the big name artists and the Nashville staple of being able to run a recording session at a fast pace. We enjoy giving artists more for their money because they can get more done, faster, and with a better sound.”



Chuck’s Mix

Representative at Take Note Event: Chuck Harris

Genre: “I’m pretty much a one man show. I’m an independent audio engineer who focuses mostly on Christian praise/worship music, along with a lot of rock and jazz. I worked on the Grammy-Award winning album “Montreal Jazz Festival 50th Anniversary, assisting in the tracking but not the mixing. Along with recording, I have also gone on tour with Don Moen, Israel Houghton, Lincoln Brewster.”

Mission Statement: “Audio Art for Worship.” My passion is to help songs come to life and helping artists discover their music and heart for music.



The Laboratory

Representative at Take Note Event: Nick Lutsko

Genre: “Any and all, but primarily songwriters that don't have a band but want a full band sound on their recordings.”

Mission Statement: “We are a one stop shop for social media management, booking, and recording. I offer full production and assistance with arranging. There are no hourly fees - the song isn't complete until you're happy with it. I do good work, it's affordable, and I work especially well with new artists that are trying to navigate the Chattanooga music scene, whether it’s their first time recording, they want to open up for some local acts, they want to figure out how to utilize social media to acquire an audience, etc.”

Website: Contact info here


Photo credit goes to Breaker 17 Studio's Instagram page.