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Developing Excellence Through Competition

The Road to Nightfall competition is a band-building experience and performance pipeline for Chattanooga artists that takes place at The Granfalloon at 400 E Main St. leading up to the 2024 Nightfall Concert Series.

Preliminary Rounds: March 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 at 8 p.m.
Final: April 6

Applicants must have a minimum of three (3) performing band members with at least one (1) member playing a live musical instrument such as keyboards, drums, bass, or guitar. Applicants may have a DJ on stage playing backing tracks, but there must be at least one other accompanying instrumentalist, as well. All bands must reside within 50 miles of the City of Chattanooga.
Preliminary rounds will feature up to six (6) bands performing a 15 minute set of primarily original music. One cover song is allowed per performance.
One winner from each preliminary night will be chosen by audience vote and will advance to the finals, to be held on April 6. Each finalist act will have a 20 minute performance, to include a maximum of one cover song. The winning act will be chosen by a panel of music industry professionals and Nightfall Concert Series representatives.
The advancing band from each night of the series wins a cash prize of $300, while the overall winner receives a 90 minute headline performance spotlight at the Nightfall Concert Series, which pays $1,000, with a host of other prizes.