Derek Wayne Martin

I grew up outside Atlanta, GA, and over time found my musical niche somewhere between Americana and Indie rock. Joshua Pickard ( wrote that I channel “the spirit of artists like Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams.” I find that it’s in this place where I can be most honest and transparent.

I have three EP’s:

2011’s “A Million Miles”

2013’s “Hard Times”

2015’s “Ghost Town”

I have also been a winner of the Eddie Owen Presents open mic in Duluth, GA, and been a contender in the Eddie Owen Presents Shootout.

I have a huge passion for collaborative community. Starting and being heavily involved in a songwriter’s workshop in Orlando, FL, I found that great artistic work isn’t formed in a vacuum. The best work is formed within the context of community. I learned that the songs I write can be used to bridge the widest relational gap.

My goal is for Chattanooga to have always expanding opportunities for creatives to be in intentional community. This could be house shows, workshops, special events, or times to explore big questions about life. Let me know if any of this sparks your interest!