The Local wrote an article featuring four Chattanooga artists.

In The Local this week, I spend some time with music from Alex Volz, Good Thief, Shabti and Ian Houck. Who do you think should have a spot in The Local next week?

Alex Volz, "The Little Merman"
Chattanooga musician Alex Volz makes kid songs for adults, or possibly adult songs for kids. I'm not really sure, to be honest—maybe it's a little bit of both. His songs broach a wide range of topics that a child is likely to encounter as they grow up. Whether it's discussing where babies come from or acknowledging our own individuality, his songs allow kids to see these issues from a unique and comforting perspective, while also providing some wonderfully zany and imaginative hooks for adults to latch on to. He never talks down to his audience but engages them on a level that they can understand, using sounds and words that frame every moment as something to be cherished and shared.

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